one night. one party. gone tomorrow.

Join us for a night of Music, Dancing & Entertainment as we make the Lost City of Atlantis rise for the biggest party of the year!

Atlantis, once a thriving utopia filled with extravagance and grandeur, was struck down by Zeus and cursed to remain on the ocean floor for all eternity…until now! Oracle’s ancient prophecy calls for the lost city to rise and host the party of a lifetime for one night and one night only!
Live like royalty as Extremely Social presents Atlantis Rising: A Social Event. We’ll turn Cleveland’s Downtown BLDG 17 into the sunken kingdom. This fully immersive and captivating party will transport you straight into a mythological world.

August 20, 2022 • 7 pm-1 am

BLDG 17, 4700 Lakeside Avenue Cleveland, Ohio 44114

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General Admission

(9 pm-1 am) $60

Greeted by the Palace guards, then brought to the surface, where you will emerge amongst the heart of the magnificent resurrected Atlantis and an offering of a complimentary first cocktail. Guests will be surrounded by the famous citizens of Atlantis. You can be enchanted by the immersive photo opportunities, stroll into the mermaid grotto or visit with the Oracle of Atlantis and let her tell your fortune. There will be surprises around every corner. Whether you dance the night away or indulge in fun Atlantean treats, this night will only happen once and you won’t want to miss it!

VIP Experience

(7 pm-1 am) $150

Greeted by the Palace guards, then led into the Royal Courtyard where you will be welcomed by the King & Queen of Atlantis. Guests will be surrounded by some famous citizens of Atlantis, watch the royal entertainers as they are allured by the mesmerizing siren’s song, indulge in the finest Atlantean treats, and have VIP bar access all night in the main hall. At the conclusion of Royal Reception, you will be brought to the surface, where you will emerge amongst the heart of the magnificent resurrected Atlantis. Here, you will see photos of the Atlantean people, and be immersed in their interactive stories through augmented reality. (Does not include a VIP table)

VIP Table


Includes 6 VIP tickets, 1 bottle, a private table & server, access to the Royal pre-party from 7 pm-9 pm, and main party from 9 pm-1 am.
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